In this “Video From The Vault”, Ty touches on the key traits of effective communicators, and takes a deeper dive into the flip side of that, identifying:


The 10 Deadly Distractions:

  • Rambling

  • Speaking in a monotone

  • Appearing to know very little about their topic

  • Showing no energy, no passion

  • Uh, using a lot of, well, m-m-m, non-words, you know

  • Exhibiting poor eye contact

  • Pacing or wandering or fidgeting

  • Using profanity or questionable humor

  • Lack of preparation

  • Poor storytelling skills


They’re all tied together, and the good news is, all of them can be solved by building on the strengths we already have. The strengths identified as the traits of effective communicators (read here). Every item on our list of distractions can be matched with one of the strengths in the other list.

So now we know what we have to do in order to grow. We promise you, it’s do-able.

No matter what your skill level, we guarantee that if you make a commitment to sharpening the tools you already have, you will be a noticeably more effective communicator. And even more significant than that: You will enjoy it. You will enjoy presenting. You’ll also enjoy the benefits that come with it. The promotions, the better relationships, the boost in your self-esteem, and oh yes, the money.


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