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Are your courses designed only for business people who make formal presentations?
Our courses are personal development experiences and as such can be applied to formal presentations, business meetings and everyday communication. At Ty Boyd, we believe the confidence that our clients gain from our coaching makes a real difference in their lives – both in and out of work. Bottom line – participants learn how to become more effective communicators. They see a magnitude of improvement in their speaking effectiveness, whether they are engaging colleagues, clients, or spouses. Our alumni date back to 1980 and includes professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds – bankers, industry spokespersons, insurance agents, church leaders, attorneys, salespeople, entrepreneurs, artists and educators.
In a nutshell, what is your philosophy and approach to becoming a better communicator?
Throughout our courses and our one-on-one coaching, students at Ty Boyd, Inc. learn the skills they need to become significant communicators. With the help of our faculty, course participants have the opportunity to practice these skills and put them to use. At the end of the session, our students are more capable of changing what others think simply by what they say and the way they say it. Whether the students have the courage to use those tools after the coaching session is key to the whole process. Becoming an effective communicator is a journey and the tools have the power to set your life on fire with new passion and possibilities.
What can I expect from the faculty at Ty Boyd Executive Communications & Coaching?
Our coaches are trained professionals skilled in all aspects of communication and are qualified to give impartial feedback and guidance. They are chosen for their experience, expertise and supportive teaching style. We take a positive approach recognizing potential in every client. We work with the skills that students already possess, and then coach to the next level to get the results that our clients want and need to be more effective communicators.
Do you really help people get over their fear of public speaking?
If you’re looking to get rid of fear of public speaking, you’ve come to the wrong place. In our experience, that isn’t possible, nor is it even advisable. What we do at Ty Boyd is change the way you think about – and therefore react to – fear. It can, in fact, become a powerful, positive tool. Fear won’t control you; you’ll control it.
Can you put me in touch with an individual or a company that has used your coaching services so that I can get a review and feedback?
Absolutely. Delivering communications services worldwide for over thirty years, we have worked with a huge number of clients, both organizations and individuals, across different industries, sectors and countries. We would be happy to give you a list of referrals for your review and consideration.
Is there a class size limit in your communications courses?
Certainly it depends upon the course format, but we generally like to limit our class size to a maximum of 12 participants. The intimate setting allows students to risk trying new communication tools often with dramatic results. The small class size also allows each participant to function in several different roles: speaker, introducer, teacher and coach.
Why are most of your courses two days?
We believe this is what it takes to truly initiate change. Our concentrated course formats follow a flow of instruction, practice and feedback. Each participant is on his or her feet addressing the group 10-15 times in every course. Our more than thirty years of experience has shown this to be a highly effective format.
Where do you teach your communication courses?
We offer sessions in our Charlotte, NC headquarters throughout the year. Our courses can be easily modified to address specific communication challenges to satisfy the needs of individual corporate clients and can be taught at your location. We aim to please.
Will I learn more if I choose one-on-one coaching rather than one of your courses?
Neither approach is superior to the other, they are simply different. Both will get you started on the path to becoming a better communicator. A group that comes together in one of our courses shares the same goal, however, our emphasis is on the individual. Every Ty Boyd course participant receives the dual benefit of one-on-one coaching from a faculty member, and the support and camaraderie of the group. One-on-one coaching works best for clients who want to fine-tune a particular presentation skill or speech, or those who prefer meeting with a Ty Boyd coach on an ongoing basis. Many clients follow up on what they learned in one of our classes with a little one-on-one time with one of our faculty members.
Is Ty Boyd still teaching, speaking and coaching?
In July of 2011, Ty celebrated a milestone birthday, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He continues to co-teach the Excellence in Speaking Advanced courses at Ty Boyd, sharing the speaking skills he has honed over a lifetime. Ty is an active member of Speakers Roundtable, a group considered the top 20 speakers in the country. Ty does keynote talks, seminars, sales training, executive coaching, facilitation and consulting. He remains an inspiration and a guiding force at Ty Boyd Executive Communications & Coaching.

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