Excellence in Speaking Institute for Young Adults

Course Description:

Young adults need skills to stand out in the real world now more than ever. Our “Excellence In Speaking Institute for Young Adults” is the competitive edge that will set them apart to ace the interview, land the job, and be considered an emerging leader among top talent! 

This two-day course presents an overview of the fundamentals of effective communication, presentation skills, listening skills, and the tools to engage with others, specifically designed for the younger generation. Limited to a small group for maximum effectiveness and involvement, this course concentrates on arguably the most important business and life skill: communicating more effectively.

Our approach to speaking and presenting combines peer review with professional coaching from two of our Executive Faculty members. Participants are on their feet presenting several times throughout the course and all participants receive individual personalized coaching.

Expected Outcomes:

ESI for Young Adults creates an environment to apply what you learn, focusing on transformation over information. Attendees are sure to leave with skills to engage in meaningful conversations, develop valuable connections, and stand out in a generation accustomed to communicating solely through social media and text messaging. We help you work not only on the message, but on the messenger too!

Whether entering the workforce for the first time, interviewing for internships, scholarships, or a job, the graduates of ESI for Young Adults will walk away with a greater sense of confidence, project a stronger presence in a room, and will be able to powerfully communicate their ideas, knowledge, and competence with the world.

Participants are given proven techniques for preparing and delivering compelling presentations, new tools for effective communication, and will develop their authentic speaking style and learn how to tell their own unique story. At the end, students leave with a course workbook, Ty Boyd’s book of tips, techniques, and strategies, and access to several of their recorded presentations as resources for further study.

Do you wish you could get the young people in your life off of their phones and connecting with the world around them? Give them the competitive edge they deserve...enrollment is NOW OPEN.

[Note: Space is very limited as this is the only class we’re offering of this kind all year. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis.]


Cost: $1500

Class size: 12

For: 17-22 year olds

Date: Wedn/Thurs, July 19-20, 2023

Location: Charlotte, NC

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Excellence in Speaking- Young Adults


"My son graduated from college last May and shortly thereafter took the Ty Boyd Executive Training Course. He described it as a life-changing experience that thoroughly prepared him for real world interviewing and presenting. As a parent, I will be eternally grateful to Molly Hunt and her team at Ty Boyd Enterprises for teaching my son the skills and confidence needed to secure his current job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Lisa Sandifer, FL

“If you want to be noticed, this class will help you standout from the rest.”

Collin Sandifer, FL