Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D

Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D

Executive Faculty – Ty Boyd, Inc.

Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D has a passion for helping others realize their expressive potential. This passion is rooted in his belief that all people are meant to flourish, and that good communication with others is central to this pursuit. Taking skills developed in improv theatre, as a storyteller, and as a former Cast Member at Walt Disney World, he combines humor and candor to guide individuals in the classroom and in one-on-one coaching to discover ways of being more themselves in front others, whether in the boardroom or while sharing conversation over a cup of coffee. Dave studied the intersection of theology and theatre at the University of St Andrews in Scotland where he received a master’s and doctorate degree, and he currently lives with his family in Davidson, NC. In his spare time he enjoys performing with ImprovCharlotte and playing penny whistle and piano. 

Team Spotlight Interview with Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D

1. What do you like most about working for Ty Boyd?

The people. And when I say, “the people” I mean the people we get to serve and the people who make up Ty Boyd, Inc. Let me explain. We have the privilege of encountering and working with people from across the country and from around the world. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, hold a diversity of opinions and beliefs, and represent a multitude of cultures. Time after time, in our ESI sessions, they start as a room full of strangers and leave as supportive and encouraging friends. Watching this big and, too often, scary world of ours shrink through the process of people coming together as they seek to refine their communications skills is heartening. When it comes to the people who make up Ty Boyd, Inc., let’s just say they have big hearts and are a joy to be around. There is so much grace and fun woven into the fabric of “the company” that the line between work and play is often remarkably faint. 


2. Describe the company in one word or sentence.

People with a heart to see others flourish by empowering them to use their communications tools to the best of their ability. 


3. What’s the number one thing you’ve learned since being a part of this company?

Amazing things happen when people set aside time to discover and share their passions with others. 


4. What’s the best story from your time with the company?

That would have to be the story that led to my being a part of the company! Shortly after moving to Charlotte from Ohio, as a relatively recent college grad, I was seeking my niche. A friend who participated in an ESI and who knew I had a theatre and communications background told me she thought I would enjoy doing the work Pat and Ty Boyd and their faculty did during the course. She told me they were really kind and suggested I “look them up.” I took her at her word and did just that! I pulled out a phone book, found the address of the Ty Boyd, Inc. headquarters in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, and mapped my course there for the drive over. I remember pulling up in my silver Honda CR-V to the one story, white bungalow that is the Ty Boyd office, parking on the street, and taking a deep breath. I got out of the car and began the walk up the sidewalk path that led to the front porch. Climbing up the stairs of the porch, I stood at the door and knocked. A moment later, the door opened and standing before me was the President of the company, Pat Boyd. She said, “Can I help you?” Before I lost my courage, I looked her in the eye, stuck out my hand for a handshake and said, “Hi. My name is Dave, and I’d like to work for you.” Oh the look in her eye! There was a pregnant pause (long enough for sweat to form on my brow), and then she said, “Why don’t you come in and tell us a little more.” Thankfully, they never called the police, and thus began a relationship with Pat and Ty and the rest of the Boyd family and Ty Boyd team that I cherish to this day. 


5. What was your experience like attending the Excellence in Speaking Institute as a student?

Exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time! Pat and Ty knew that if I was going to facilitate the Excellence in Speaking Institute, I had to successfully graduate from the course. So, for me, it was both an amazing learning experience and an unofficial job interview. I can still picture people in my course and can recall some of the topics I spoke about, especially my final, zipline presentation. In fact, in many ways that presentation served to launch me into what would eventually become my doctoral thesis! 


6. What should someone expect from going through the course?

Full on engagement. . . and maybe a few tears! It is based on active participation and involves getting up on your feet several times to make brief presentations, finding out about others in the course (and introducing one of them), and stepping back from the hurried pace of life to consider your own stories, personal and professional. All of this makes for a full and rewarding two and a half days. 


7. What truly makes you different than other companies?

Embedded in the mission of the company is a guiding principle for Ty Boyd himself: it’s not about us. Undoubtedly this serves to guide other organizations, but I have seen Ty and Pat live this out and I believe it still guides us today. 


8. When you were young did you ever imagine you’d be on the faculty of a global communication organization such as Ty Boyd, Inc.?

In a word, no. However, I hoped I might be able to use my gifts and passions in a way that was both satisfying and met a need in the world. And this is what happens in facilitating ESI courses and in working one-on-one with individuals to express themselves more authentically and with greater comfort. 


9. Describe yourself in one word or sentence.

I’m a tall, curious, slightly awkward person who attempts to rock the “dad fashion” look by wearing grey New Balance shoes and plaid shirts. I also really enjoy researching various things (our family doesn’t make many purchases on a whim), and restoring luster to things, like my old leather shoes and our late model car. 


10. What are some things you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Walking. And running. As I was completing my PhD, I realized the benefit walking had on my mental state, and I began doing so often. In fact, in my town, I’m fairly certain I’m known as “that walking guy.” I also enjoy time with my family—especially when we’re all laughing. Performing improv comedy also brings me joy, as does playing music with others. 

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