About Ty Boyd, Inc.

For over 40 years, Ty Boyd Inc., an Executive Communications & Coaching business, has helped professionals worldwide reach their career goals.

Our faculty is comprised of experts in the fields of public speaking, business communications and individual coaching.

We offer a variety of courses suited to meet the needs of all levels of career professionals. Ty Boyd, Inc. also creates custom courses for corporations, designed to align with each company’s business culture and objectives. You can expect immediate returns when you and your company invest in a Ty Boyd, Inc. course or coaching session. Take the lead with Ty Boyd, Inc.

Our team

Our clients tell us that our faculty’s personable, yet professional style separates us from the competitors. With such a rich combination of backgrounds and in-depth knowledge, we are able to connect with our clients on many levels. The Ty Boyd, Inc. team leads by example and sets high expectations for ourselves and our clients.

Molly Hunt


Molly Hunt is the CEO of Ty Boyd, Inc., a globally known executive communications and coaching company founded by her parents over 40 years ago. After receiving a Psychology degree from Queens University she joined the workforce doing voiceover work and promotional pieces for a local television station before joining the family business. Starting as an assistant taking out the garbage 22 years ago and working her way to the role of CEO has been a humbling experience for Molly. She credits her parents with teaching her the art of public speaking and leading by example in how they put others first, a longstanding cornerstone of the company. From the boardroom to the arena, Molly works with individuals throughout the country to boost their communication skills. Her list of clients includes professionals from many Fortune 500 companies such as Compass Group, Seattle Seahawks, Mars, Zoetis, Unilever, and Circle K. Molly is passionate and devoted to her mission of continuing to carry out the legacy of empowering people to reach new levels through the power of words well spoken.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Molly

Ty Boyd

Founder (1931 - 2020)

Ty Boyd is the bold visionary behind Ty Boyd Executive Communications & Coaching. Under his leadership, the Ty Boyd team has catapulted itself into an industry leader position in communication services. Ty began his business life as a broadcaster and emerged as a professional speaker, teacher and coach. The National Speakers Association honored Ty Boyd with its Master of Influence Award for making a positive global impact through the spoken word while significantly influencing generations of speakers. He has delivered keynotes and conducted seminars on five continents to more than a million people and has taught executives from more than 40 countries how to improve their speaking and presentation skills.

Read More About Ty's Legacy and Listen to a Powerful 5-Minute Clip of Him Speaking HERE.

Pat Boyd


For more than twenty years, Pat Boyd has coached and mentored CEOs and other high-level professionals in how to improve their speaking and presentations. She helped grow Ty Boyd Executive Communications & Coaching from a local company to a full-service communications consultancy. Pat is a contributor to Ty Boyd’s book, The Million Dollar Toolbox: A Blueprint for Transforming Your Life & Career with Powerful Communication Skills. Prior to her work with the Ty Boyd team, Pat was a TV spokesperson.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Pat

Anne Boyd-Moore

CAO - Chief Angel Officer (1960-2017)

Anne has always been the heartbeat of Ty Boyd, Inc. and she will always be a deep part of who we are as individuals and as a company. Anne embraced our clients as family. Coaching, teaching, elevating others and seeing them reach their full potential has always been one of her greatest passions. It is our mission, at Ty Boyd, Inc, to pick up the torch and carry on personally and professionally with even greater passion and love in honor of our angel, Anne. Her endless enthusiasm and love for others continues to inspire. She would want each and every one of us to spread light and love with all. Without hesitation, she wants us all to live each day full of grace and gratitude. And, make every day the BEST DAY EVER!

To watch a video of Anne sharing her story click here.

To learn more or donate to Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer (ATC) research please click here.

Carlyn Lawson


Carlyn Lawson brings a solid work ethic and 18 years of experience in the Business Management Industry to the Ty Boyd Team. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the McColl School of Business, which was recently ranked among the top 1% of small, private business schools by the U.S. News & World Report. Possessing a broad skill set that includes a strong accounting background coupled with a unique ability to establish lasting client relationships, she provides excellent financial record keeping, office management, customer service, communication, marketing, and sales. Relationships are her passion! She is dedicated to our clients and ensures business is well-coordinated and productive with impeccable attention to detail. Carlyn has a true heart for people, in and outside the office. Her family is the center of her world along with charity work in Africa. Carlyn resides in South Charlotte with her husband and three children.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Carlyn

Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D

Executive Faculty

Dave Reinhardt, Ph.D has a passion for helping others realize their expressive potential. This passion is rooted in his belief that all people are meant to flourish, and that good communication with others is central to this pursuit. Taking skills developed in improv theatre, as a storyteller, and as a former Cast Member at Walt Disney World, he combines humor and candor to guide individuals in the classroom and in one-on-one coaching to discover ways of being more themselves in front others, whether in the boardroom or while sharing conversation over a cup of coffee. Dave studied the intersection of theology and theatre at the University of St Andrews in Scotland where he received a master’s and doctorate degree, and he currently lives with his family in Davidson, NC. In his spare time he enjoys performing with ImprovCharlotte and playing penny whistle and piano.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Dave

John Lowe

Executive Faculty

For over 35 years, John Lowe has been an award-winning sales professional, representing such leadership companies as Apple, HP, KPMG and Blackboard. John has delivered countless presentations which have helped his companies beat the competition and win huge deals. He has authored two books on presenting, written speeches for company executives, and coached top level professionals to be their best when it’s their turn in front of the room. He is currently a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and serves on their expert panel as a content contributor. John first took the ESI course in 1984, and has been passionate about the power of communicating ever since.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know John

Andy Papathanassiou

Executive Faculty

Andy Papathanassiou became NASCAR’s first ever, "pit crew coach," when he was hired by Hendrick Motorsports to Jeff Gordon’s race team in 1992. Prior to racing, Andy attended Stanford University on a football scholarship and started four years on the offensive line. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Economics and Master’s in Sociology. His philosophy and views as an outsider to NASCAR ultimately shifted the paradigm of how pit crews select and develop team members. After a 30-year racing career, with over 250 wins and 16 series championships, Andy speaks and conducts experiential events centered around high performing teams, transformative leadership, culture & paradigms, disruptive thinking and athletic mindset.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Andy

Eliza Gellman

Executive Faculty

Beginning long before she was able to speak, herself, Eliza has learned from the best of the best as the granddaughter of Ty Boyd and daughter of CAO Anne Boyd Moore. Eliza has always had a passion for communicating with the world around her in a passionate and connected way. After receiving her degrees in Public Relations and Spanish from Appalachian State University and high level credentials as a nutritionist, Eliza has spent the past 5 years in the Health and Wellness space. In 2017, Eliza created a podcast which incorporates her passion for communication as well as guiding others toward ​health-conscious lifestyles. After completing her first ESI course in 2021, she came away inspired and intuitively came full circle to foster and expand her passions for deep personal connection and unveiling confidence in others by joining the staff of Ty Boyd, Inc.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Eliza

Wendy Jordan

Director of Marketing

Known for her enthusiasm and passion, Wendy Jordan is a digital marketing strategist and the Director of Marketing for Ty Boyd Inc. A self-proclaimed "computer nerd", she specializes in search engine optimization, web development, branding, and publicity. She's also earned official Google Partner Certifications and has been quoted as an industry expert in various news publications. Loving all things business and entrepreneurship, Wendy speaks at local business conferences and networking groups, is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a certified mentor with the Charlotte chapter of the SCORE organization "Counselors to America's Small Business". She was Mrs. North Carolina 2017 and the first runner up at Mrs. America, where she uses her platform to advocate for the low income elderly of our nation. Wendy resides in Lake Norman, NC with her husband of 14 years Tripp, their 2 children, and 2 daschunds Riley and Rocky.

Team Member Spotlight: Get To Know Wendy

  • Sara Katherine Castle
    As a Dale Carnegie alumni, I had high expectations for a public speaking course. Ty Boyd, is the most transformative experience as a professional, and person, I've had the pleasure of attending.
    Sara Katherine Castle
    February 23, 2021
  • Sean G
    It was amazing… I’ve spoken to hundreds, had many C-level presentations and felt like this was a strong area for me... until they showed me 10+ areas to improve!
    Sean G
    March 11, 2021
  • Chris Kowaleski
    “To this day the best personal and professional development I’ve taken in my career and in my life.”
    Chris Kowaleski
    Head of Sales and Chief Growth Officer at Compass Group
  • Vincent Schiavo
    I saw you on LinkedIn today and thought it would be nice to say "thank you" for the training you provided to me and my teammates when I was just starting my career at Apple back in the mid 80s. Who would have imagined in 1984 that Apple would one day be the most valuable company in history? I've had a wonderful career in high-tech and I've used the skills I learned in your course every step of the way.
    Vincent Schiavo
    Guidance Software
  • Bob Morgan
    What a great job you did helping to make this year’s Annual Meeting a smashing success! You are always pure joy to work with and I value highly your support, partnership & friendship.
    Bob Morgan
    Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
  • Kim Hennings
    This course will help in every aspect of your life.
    Kim Hennings
    Mars Petcare
  • Malcolm Pratt
    I leave with more confidence in my potential to be an impactful speaker and an effective trainer. Fear has much less of a hold on me now. This course was very, very rewarding. I would recommend it to anybody who is serious about improving their ability to convey a message. The facilitators were great and modeled behavior I’d like to emulate.
    Malcolm Pratt
    Grifols, Inc.
  • Barbara Oemcke
    The experience definitely gave me tools to disarm and transfer my fear into energy. The numerous opportunities to get up and speak on my feet gave me great new insights for my future development.
    Barbara Oemcke
    Compass USA
  • Melissa Nelson
    The fear that stopped me in my tracks, disarmed me, and took my breath away at the beginning of the course now drives me!
    Melissa Nelson
    Sales Trainer, Davol, Inc.
  • Cheri Carlson
    Our whole department grew together during the course. We were coached to become more professional by using listening skills without judgment. Our team now shares a common focus – the customer.
    Cheri Carlson
    Merck Animal Health
  • Keith Wall
    The Call Center Course provided my team with a framework to become more effective communicators. The facilitator did an excellent job balancing the course agenda with participant discussion keeping us focused and on track.
    Keith Wall
    DVM Pharmacovigilance Manager, Merck Animal Health
  • Rick Greenwood
    The one-on-one video review and coaching was my favorite part of the course. So helpful!
    Rick Greenwood
    AAA Carolinas/Car Care
  • Daniel Klapuch
    Excellent course for myself and the business. I should have done this 20 years ago.
    Daniel Klapuch
    Site Manager, Mars Petcare
  • Laura Elam
    In my 28 years in the professional world, I have participated in many retreats, seminars, and career building opportunities. This was by far the most beneficial for me. I feel like I have learned skills and tools that I will take with me, and put into action for the rest of my life. I have a sense of accomplishment. Thank you!
    Laura Elam
    Visit Charlotte
  • Kimberly Schaufenbuel
    Excellence in Speaking® is one of the best courses I have ever attended. I will continue to send our employees through this program.
    Kimberly Schaufenbuel
    Director, Talent & Organizational Development, Grifols, Inc.
  • Dave Arakelian
    I went through a list of all the trainings, seminars, and skill development programs I have been to in the last 15 years, and your course was the best I have ever attended. My public speaking awareness and skill grew extensively during my time with you. Thank you for creating a safe environment for everyone so they could learn.
    Dave Arakelian
    Merck Animal Health
  • Zane Curtis-Olsen
    I learned lessons that will stay with me and help me with my career in education.
    Zane Curtis-Olsen
    Yale University
  • Jose Suros
    Your course really refined my skills as a communicator and has increased my confidence a million fold. I have been told my many that I look very professional as a communicator and appear as an expert in the field of speaking. I attribute this to your course!
    Jose Suros
    Merck Animal Health
  • Angie Miller
    The training and insight that I received from our time together has been something that I think about and use every day. In addition to my formal presentations, I am reminded of the lessons and learnings when I’m in staff meetings or helping my daughter with her student council speech. You gave me many life lessons in communication that have carried over to my everyday life! Thank you, Ty Boyd, Inc.!
    Angie Miller
    Merck Animal Health
  • Scott Kessler
    I truly enjoyed the class and appreciated your leadership, guidance, and enthusiasm throughout. I’ve been to several training classes over the course of my career, but this was simply the best. You clearly love what you do and it directly translates into positive energy that offers folks the confidence and reassurance that improvement is within your direct control. I am looking forward to continuing my progression and working smart at self-improvement.
    Scott Kessler
  • Jay Follmer
    WOW! The Ty Boyd ESI course was definitely time well spent! I want to thank Anne, Molly, and my classmates for helping me look inward and build the communication skills to reach outward to the audience.
    Jay Follmer
    Compass USA

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