Excellence in Speaking Institute for Individuals

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Enroll now – Never again be paralyzed by fear of speaking. Invest in developing executive communication skills that will help you seize your next big opportunity.

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Cost: $2,350.00

Course Duration: 2 1/2 Days

Prerequisites: None

When you register for this course, you will be joining a class of professionals from many different companies. If you would like to book a private, on-site workshop for a team or group within a single company, visit the Excellence in Speaking Institute for Teams page.

Communication training with Ty Boyd will help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

We have 750+ testimonials (and counting) to back it up.

Christie Carpenter

Compass Group
(6th largest employer in North America, $25B+ revenue)
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The biggest skill I've taken from this class is to overcome my fear of public speaking. It's given me a lot of confidence. I feel empowered now...

If anyone was hestitant about attending this class, I would say, 'Do it. Don't hestitate.'

It's a little bit intense. It pushes you outside your comfort zone. But that's where growth happens. Take this class.

Excellence in Speaking Institute for Individuals Details

Our courses are FUN.

Our courses are INTERACTIVE.

Our courses are LIFE-CHANGING.

The Ty Boyd, Inc. Excellence in Speaking Institute course is a fun, interactive experience where participants prepare short talks on simple topics. Limited to a small group for maximum effectiveness and personal instruction, this 2 ½ day course provides an immersive and impactful learning experience. Our approach to speaking and presenting combines peer review with professional coaching from two of our Executive Faculty members. Participants are on their feet presenting several times throughout the course. All participants receive individual personalized coaching throughout the course.

Experience our life-changing learning process: 

  • Immersive learning experience 
  • Optimized for maximum personal coaching 
  • Life-changing transformation in just 2 ½ days 

Expected Outcomes: 

Participants are trained to use proven techniques for preparing and delivering power-packed presentations. You will leave with greater confidence in your presentation abilities. You will be able to use new tools for effective communication on a daily basis. 

  • Get skills, tips, and techniques to become the best communicator you can be. 
  • Enhance your self-confidence. 
  • Learn to change fear into energy. 
  • Become an effective storyteller. 
  • Develop presentations that win business and get results. 

At the end of the course, students are equipped with a course workbook, Ty Boyd’s book of tips, techniques, and strategies, and access to several of their recorded speeches. These tools serve as exceptional resources for further study. 

Each attendee also receives an individualized game plan for how to further improve and enhance their skills after the course. 

Continue your leadership development journey with the resources provided during your course: 

  • Recordings of your presentations 
  • Completed course workbook 
  • Ty Boyd’s book of communication tips, techniques, and strategies 

The ROI from our communication courses and leadership coaching is massive.

The successful results you can expect:

Increase Your Sales

Boost Your Income

Develop Your Leaders

Elevate Your Presentations

When you and your team train with Ty Boyd, Inc., you will learn career and life changing communication skills that result in increased sales, increased revenue, increased income, and increased success.

Enable real transformation for your employees.

Great leaders must be effective communicators.

Become a clear, polished, confident communicator with executive communication courses and leadership coaching from Ty Boyd, Inc.

People who attend our Excellence in Speaking Institute course say it's the best personal or professional development course they've ever taken.

It's time for you to make a smart investment in yourself.