Executive and Personal Coaching

Whether you need help with a specific presentation, your overall communication skills, or enhancement of your leadership style and capability, the Ty Boyd faculty will work with you to achieve your goals. With over 40 years of professional coaching experience, we have successfully developed C-level executives, middle managers, small business owners, and individual contributors to be the best they can be. Great communication is not guaranteed because you have a voice, and great leadership is not guaranteed because you have a title. Both require a keen understanding of the fundamentals, and diligent effort at mastering them.

Areas of Focus:

Some of our most popular coaching topics include executive leadership development, sales leadership development, executive communications, presentation creation and delivery, sales team mentoring, and professional image enhancement.

Expected Outcomes:

We work with you based on your individual skill-set and situation to achieve the following results:

  • Helping you become impactful and engaging as a communicator
  • Refining your presentation skills to maximize effectiveness
  • Enhancing your “executive presence”
  • Providing the fundamentals of great leadership
  • Creating a roadmap for your personal development
  • Developing your ability to adapt to different personality styles
  • Making sure you can “own the room”

I oversee a team consisting of 30 sales reps and 3 Senior Sales Directors in the Upper Midwest and Canada for Canteen and have had the privilege of being coached by John over the past few months. In my opinion, being an elite level communicator and “people strategist” is at the very core of any role in leadership. Our time together has helped me discover things about myself and my leadership style that will benefit me for the remainder of my career. John has helped me hone in on the “WHY’s” around certain elements of human behavior that I had previously struggled with and deploy strategies aimed at bringing out the very best in the people that make us successful. Any successful business has one thing in common: Great People. For anyone looking to unlock their potential to maximize the potential in others, Ty Boyd Executive Communication and Coaching is worth its weight in gold in getting you there.

- Josh Nelson, Senior Director of Sales, Compass Group

Through Ty Boyd coaching, "I was able to recognize where I could improve to become more effective in my role. John provides the appropriate level of guidance and adjusts as you become more comfortable with the information presented. He seamlessly integrated my past learnings from prior instructors with his philosophy, techniques, and strategies. John provides insight and personal examples by telling relatable stories that build confidence. I found his perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and his feedback balanced with candor and professionalism. He is always upbeat and willing to listen and guide you towards a more positive direction, maintaining a balance between coaching, informing, and challenging. The process offered takeaways to reflect upon and work through while not having a coach present. I can strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to take on new skills or refine existing ones to become a better leader.

- Kirk Schneider, Regional Vice President, Eurest

I had the opportunity to work closely with John during a Ty Boyd public speaking class a couple of years ago and I was immediately impressed with his ability to provide quick and constructive feedback in a very clear and concise way that motivated me to continue to focus on getting better through every speaking opportunity. From there, John and I have been able to connect one-on-one as my formal leadership coach, that allowed me the opportunity to present various subjects and key discussion points to evaluate the scenario and provide feedback on ways to communicate effectively in order to coach and lead my team. John’s cool and calm approach allows us to have very productive and honest conversations and he continues to challenge me to think differently and approach circumstances with a fresh lens. absolutely love working closely with John and continuing to develop my leadership skills and communication styles. I have had the opportunity to participate in many leadership and public speaking classes, but Ty Boyd is in a class of their own! From attending their public speaking courses, to working with John or Molly, they are easily the best trainings I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of!

Brooke Fairbanks, Vice President, Sales East, Compass One Healthcare

I much appreciated your approach to coaching me for the presentation and subsequent interview process. While I’ve considered myself a fairly competent speaker, the tips you gave me about focusing on how the listener hears what I'm saying helped me so much. Recognizing that I am saying the same thing, but in a way that was the listener's “why” was a light bulb moment for me. Concluding with a statement about trust and resources to meet their goals was very powerful.

- Andrew C. Lipson, VP of Operations, University of Arkansas