Energy: The Heartbeat of Your Presentation

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May 27, 2022
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July 29, 2022
Energy was always our founder Ty’s mantra. “The one thing I always carry with me is my awareness that energy is the key to reaching my audience. Energy is the number one power to have”, he’d say. 

You can generate energy in two ways:

  • by successfully managing fear
  • by having a passion for your topic

Energy is every laugh we share with an audience of one or one hundred. Energy is all the things we didn’t even have to put into words to convey. Energy is awareness of the moment, of the audience, of the message. And this awareness is not as keen when you’re not somewhere on the continuum between panic and mild stress.

Energy is managed fear; energy is passion for your topic. Enthusiasm…”fire in the belly”. With this fire, even a trivial message becomes compelling; without it, the most powerful message will fall unheard. 

Good communicators care about what they’re saying. They have inner fire. How much do you care? Are you mailing it in, or does your message light a fire within you? If not, how can you expect to ignite a fire in others? 

Energy is a tool you have absolute power to develop for yourself. Energy is the heartbeat of every interaction, every communication, every presentation we share with another individual or group of individuals. It’s the unleashing of our genuine excitement for the message and for the audience. Passion and energy come in all kinds of forms. Some of the greatest energy is expressed on a pillow. In a whisper. Yes, sometimes a shout. In a smile, a laugh, a wink. 

Always remember that the key to successful communications is ENERGY. Speak with conviction. Choose topics about which you are passionately involved. If you will have “fire in your belly” for the subject, success is almost guaranteed.



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