Executive and Personal Coaching

Whether you need help with a specific presentation, or proven tools and techniques for how to be an effective communicator, Ty Boyd Faculty will work with you personally to achieve your desired goals.

Expected Outcomes:

Some of our most popular coaching topics include executive communications, voice improvement, presentation confidence, body language analysis, professional image development, and presentation content and flow.

I think one of the best parts of this training is the development coaching as an individual — coaching and training tailored to individual styles and strengths for delivery.

Maret Seitz

It was great! All the coaching was helpful, especially watching video's of ourselves speaking. It was a very inspiring and encouraging environment.

Kim Harrington

This course was a pleasure in which to participate. The instructors immediately made you feel welcome and at ease. The curriculum was clearly laid out along with any expectations. The instructions, coaching and practice exercises built upon workbook and textbook. The progressive assignments led you to success. All the while the video examples and coaching supported your growth.

Michael Edgar

Wonderful facilitators! They enabled me to effectively realize areas of improvement in my presentation skills through effective coaching in a safe environment. This training will not only benefit individuals who present professionally, but all individuals who are required to communicate in their roles.

Jeff Becker