Making the Grade: Interview Skills for Students

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March 30, 2021
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May 25, 2021
By Sophomore year, most college students start to consider their major and look for an internship as a way to try things on and see what fits. Internships are an opportunity to take the knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it to the workplace – a great way to truly test-drive a career. Aside from gaining experience, skills, perspective, and professional connections, an internship is a foot in the door and can be a giant step toward a post-college position.


But landing an internship is a highly competitive process. The hope of gaining an advantage for future employment has increased both the number and the quality of internship applications. Companies eliminate the first round of candidates based on their resumes and then use the interview process to make the final cut. So, if a candidate is lucky enough to be granted an interview, it’s important to step it up and make it count. Students are given general advice and resources at their college career centers, but at Ty Boyd, we are here to take students to another level.


Our signature course, Excellence In Speaking Institute, is an interactive approach to student career development in its deepest form. We provide a career toolkit; an opportunity to practice mock interviews and elevator speeches. Our classroom atmosphere provides a safe environment to try out and improve interviewing skills before applying for an actual internship or job. With the help of our coaches, students who have great stories to tell will learn how to articulate their abilities in the best way possible. The key to getting the job is knowing yourself, knowing your strengths, and then being able to articulate your value.


College students are juggling school work and other commitments while applying for internships, but it’s important to set aside productive time to prepare and practice for the interview process. It can make all the difference in the world as employers hire students who are confident, relaxed, and ready to meet challenges.

Attendees are sure to leave with skills that will set them apart from the start. Whether entering the workforce for the first time, interviewing for internships, scholarships, or a job, the graduates of ESI will walk away with a greater sense of confidence, project a stronger presence in a room, and will be able to powerfully communicate their ideas, knowledge, and competence with the world.

How They Will Benefit:

  • Learn to make a good first impression
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Think on one’s feet and become more fluent in the ability to answer questions
  • Envision a future and articulate a plan without sounding scripted
  • Strengthen overall communications skills both verbal and non-verbal
  • Become more self-confident through plenty of practice and candid feedback
  • Recognize strengths which will result in greater self-awareness
  • Become more passionate about who they are and what they have to offer

Regardless of where a student interns or where he or she might go after graduation, time spent with the coaches at Ty Boyd working on communication skills will put any student on the road to a lifetime of professional success. Is this something you want for your child, grandchild, or loved one? Give them the competitive edge they deserve…enrollment in our very first in-person class is NOW OPEN.


“My son graduated from college last May and shortly thereafter took the Ty Boyd Executive Training Course. He described it as a life-changing experience that thoroughly prepared him for real-world interviewing and presenting. As a parent, I will be eternally grateful to Molly Hunt and her team at Ty Boyd Enterprises for teaching my son the skills and confidence needed to secure his current job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
– Lisa Sandifer, FL