See The Good: 25 Positive Things That Have Happened in 2020

Executive Coaching – Remarkable Benefits for Your Team!
July 23, 2020
Invest In Yourself Now And Reap the Rewards Quickly
September 7, 2020
Executive Coaching – Remarkable Benefits for Your Team!
July 23, 2020
Invest In Yourself Now And Reap the Rewards Quickly
September 7, 2020
While this year seems especially hard, we must always look to see the silver linings. Out of coronavirus comes creativity. Out of quarantine comes bonus time with family. Out of activism comes changes for the better. One thing we can try to do is to see the good. Here is a list of 25 positive things that have happened so far in 2020. We hope they make you smile! 🙂


  1. People around the country brushed up on their sewing skills, making masks for people who need them most.
  2. This opera performed to a beautiful audience of house plants and then donated the plants to health care workers.
  3. People got creative about reimagined vacations.
  4. Americans rushed to adopt and foster pets in need amid the pandemic.
  5. We rediscovered our love for old hobbies like baking and gardening.
  6. We also have time to read again and we’re seizing the moment to educate ourselves
  7. Puzzles and board games became cool again and offered a much-needed break from our screens.
  8. Major companies such as 3M and Apple pooled resources or shifted production to make millions of masks to help keep people safe.
  9. Drive-in movie theaters made a comeback.
  10. Restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home. They also got awesomely creative to enforce social distancing including pool noodle hats, bumper boats and dapper mannequin guests.
  11. Distilleries, both small and large, around the country used their resources to produce badly needed hand sanitizer.
  12. Ford, GM, Tesla and other automakers were able to make ventilators and other medical devices to help with the pandemic.
  13. Museums reopened with music-themed safety measures bound to make visitors smile
  14. We learned that homeschooling is HARD and finally recognized teachers for the heroes that they are. Health care workers and essential workers. Also heroes.
  15. This FedEx worker disinfected a package for a girl with autoimmune disorder.
  16. This toddler still found a way to have weekly playdates with his grandparents through a window
  17. This runner completed an entire marathon on his porch.
  18. We came up with creative ways to celebrate big milestones like drive-by birthdays and Zoom parties.
  19. Celebrities surprised graduates at virtual commencement ceremonies.
  20. At-home hairstyles brought us much-needed laughs.
  21. We realized how much we love and need sports and its ability to unite us.
  22. Musicians took to social media to give us personal concerts from home.
  23. Wearing sweatpants and tees became acceptable fashion choices all day, every day.
  24. Weddings still happened over Zoom and it was beautiful.
  25. You can also now virtually explore national parks, zoos, even Mars!