Sell With a Story

Course Description:

Sell With a Story is an opportunity to re-sharpen the skills that were acquired in Excellence in Speaking® while mastering your relevant story. During this two-day course, participants will learn how to craft a story that entertains, simplifies, inspires, and compels an audience into action. Whether it’s convincing someone to join your organization, selling an idea to the board, or demonstrating the benefits of your products and services, a story will authentically capture your purpose in action.

Expected Outcomes:

The ability to offer solutions by telling a well-crafted story is an invaluable investment in your career. During this course, individuals will fine tune your personal story with the guidance of our faculty until it evolves into a clear, compelling picture that shows how you add value and offer solutions. Because we believe that how you deliver your story is just as important as the story itself, we will get you up on your feet practicing the winning combination of words, tone, pace, timing, actions and inflection. When you leave the course, you will be confident inserting your story into a formal presentation, a small sales meeting, and a casual business conversation.

Our faculty will also demonstrate how you can enhance your story by incorporating PowerPoint to create effective, professional presentations.

And because everyone needs to stand out and differentiate themselves, we will develop your personal elevator speech so that you will be prepared to turn a spontaneous opportunity into a career milestone.