Reading List For High Achievers

Reading List For High Achievers

Achievers read voraciously because they know the benefits. Research shows that readers can write and concentrate better than non-readers. They also are quicker to pick up subtleties, and are better able to understand how other people think and feel.

“I do enough reading of non-fiction for work. So, I’m going to read nothing but mindless novels while I soak up some sun,” the achiever may say. But the truly high achiever knows that to remain on the path to success, he or she must do more.

Become a high achiever by throwing in a couple of the books from this summer reading list we have put together. It’s not for work. It’s for your own self-improvement.

Our first book on the summer reading list is The Million Dollar Toolbox, written by our founders Ty & Pat Boyd. They put everything we teach at the Excellence In Speaking Institute into this book. Even if you have been through ESI, this book provides a remedial course for you to reference before your next presentation.

Next is Speaking Secrets of the Masters, which is a compendium by 22 of America’s top speakers.

Another book Ty highly recommends has nothing to do with speaking. Jeffrey Gitomer’s book, The Patterson Principles Of Selling, is relevant to everyone, not just those in sales. Based on the teachings of National Cash Register President John Patterson, the book is as much a recipe for self-improvement as it is a sales tool. Patterson, who literally invented American salesmanship, was a voracious reader.

A couple other ones we recommend are Insights Into Excellence by the Speakers Roundtable and Visions: From The Leaders of Today For The Leaders of Tomorrow, another book by Mr. Ty Boyd himself.

Along with these four, here is a list of additional books we often recommend to our students:

  1. Speak With Confidence! – Dianna Booher
  2. Never Be Nervous Again – Dorothy Sarnoff with Gaylen Moore
  3. You Are The Message – Roger Ailes with Jon Kraushar
  4. I Can See You Naked – Ron Hoff
  5. How To Present Like A Pro, – Lani Arredondo
  6. 50 Tips For Speaking Like A Pro – Terry Paulson
  7. Confessions of a Public Speaker – Scott Berkun
  8. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – Carmine Gallo
  9. Formula 2 +2 (Successful Coaching) – Douglas B. Allen, Dwight W, Allen
  10. Visual Meetings – David Sibbet
  11. Tales From the Top – Graham Alexander
  12. The Magnetic Boss – Linda D. Henman, Ph.D
  13. Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins – Annette Simmons
  14. Managing Up – Michael and Deborah Dobson
  15. Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty – Harvey McKay
  16. Remarkable Presentations – John Lowe
  17. A Passion for Presenting – John Lowe
  18. Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds
  19. Resonate – Nancy Duarte
  20. Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott
  21. Crucial Conversations – Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler
  22. Business Letters for Busy People – John A. Carey
  23. How to Say It – Rosalie Maggio
  24. The Power of Tact –Peter Legge
  25. The Voice of Authority – Dianna Booher
  26. Words That Work – Frank Luntz


So, high achiever, that is Ty Boyd’s summer reading list designed to build a better you!


If you’re serious about advancing your skills and making an investment in yourself, we invite you to our Excellence in Speaking Institute. Classes are filling up quickly so don’t delay! Visit this page to read feedback from our graduates about their experience.

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