The Common Thread of Those On The Road To Success

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September 5, 2022
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October 24, 2022

Looking down the road to success at those who are striding confidently toward their destinations, we see a common thread. Having superior personal communication skills is the common element in the success of great leaders, managers, and sales professionals.

Are you born with outstanding communication skills? Do you automatically acquire great communication skills by merely landing a great job? No.

Nor, is attaining these skills something we learn by reading a book, though books help. You are born with personal communication tools, but they must be honed.

Preparation and practice are the disciplines that boost you toward success. We expect sports people to do it, and yet the very tools that we use to make our living in one way or another – our communication skills – we expect to get by on our charm, our personality, or because we’ve done it a lot.

We do not honor practice as it should be honored. If we could teach people to practice what they do, even if it were a salesperson hardened by years of travel and presenting their products, we believe just 15 minutes to 20 minutes before every appointment would make them much more successful.

One of America’s most successful trainers of financial planners, Bill Bachrach, said that one of his most successful students had attended the same course 17 times! That’s practice and preparation personified. We, too, get graduates of our classes coming back repeatedly to work on their communication skills.

Top professional presenters have made incredible careers with outstanding communication skills. Not one of them would ever “wing it” because they know their careers depend upon peak performance every time.

If you are a great leader, manager, or sales professional – or want to be – your success also hinges on communication skills. What are you doing to advance your trip along the road to success?


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