Walking With Giants – It’s Your Decision

Walking With Giants – It’s Your Decision

“Every time you use one of your tools…you become a little taller… a little more powerful.”


If you’ve read The Million Dollar Toolbox, your toolbox is well-stocked.

  • You’ve learned the ten deadly distractions that make any speaker less effective, and the skills that shut down those distractions.
  • You have some practice tools for discovering your own authentic style.
  • You’ve learned how to find your common ground with any audience – of one or one thousand – as well as how to make quick connections under any circumstances.
  • You’ve learned ways to listen more effectively, how to tolerate – and put to work – silences, how to give clear signals that you’re listening.
  • You’ve learned how to get comfortable with the actor’s tools of eye contact, smiles, varied facial expressions, purposeful movement and effective gestures.
  • You’ve learned how to expand your comfort zone so you can unleash the authentic you, no longer bound by false notions of professionalism.
  • You’ve learned to play the voice you were born with, using the tools of breath, projection, diction and vocal variety.
  • You’ve learned how to organize an effective presentation, as well as how to create powerful opening and closing statements.
  • You’ve learned effective techniques for rehearsal, how to own the territory wherever and whenever you speak, how to handle Q-and-A sessions, even ways to disarm a hostile audience.
  • You’ve learned the truth about fear, relaxation techniques for managing it, and how to turn that fear into your ally.
  • You’ve learned the power of finding and feeding your passion.
  • You’ve learned that everything in your toolbox is just as useful in online presenting.

The tools you now own are personal and professional relationship skills you weren’t fully aware of before. You now have the tools to be successful in any area of your life because that is what the ability to communicate effectively can do for you.

These tools enable you to communicate effectively in all areas of your life, at work, at home, with friends, and in your leisure or civic activities.

The value of communicating well cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

And it’s all there, in your toolbox.

But the biggest difference in your presentation skills, the real strides in your ability to communicate effectively, come next. They come when you close the book, when you put it on the shelf with all the other books you’ve accumulated over the years in your search for a better life, a better career, a better you.

What’s it going to be?

Are you going to put your book up there on the shelf with vague promises that you will try that stuff from Ty Boyd sometime? Are you going to go back out there and wing it the next time you make a presentation? Are you going to assume that this audience is the same as the last one and needs no additional preparation? Are you going to get stuck behind that lectern, with your written speech and your hands in your pockets and be satisfied with a bunt because you aren’t willing to take the risk and swing for the fence?

Some people do that, of course. Their career path often reflects that decision – dramatically.

And others decide to walk with the giants.

I walk with giants every day. And I don’t just mean the men and women who sit with me around the Speakers’ Roundtable, that elite group of professional speakers I am honored to rub elbows with. I mean women and men just like you – sales reps and marketing execs and investment counselors and church elders and family breadwinners. People who walked away from presentation training and put their new tools to work in their lives.

Those men and women became giants.

So can you.

-Ty Boyd

If you’re serious about advancing your communication skills and making an investment in yourself, we invite you to our Excellence in Speaking Institute. Classes in 2023 are already filling up quickly! We look forward to helping you power up this power skill!


*Visit this page to read feedback from our graduates about their experiences.



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